What to expect and look forward to:

STRYDA Soles are a companion to strengthen your feet, ankles, legs and hips the more you use them. You do not become reliant on them, instead you will become more biomechanically efficient with time.

The STRYDA Soles unique trigger point system enhances your foot's natural mechanisms to reduce or prevent pain, improve neural feedback and balance, stimulate optimal muscle function and absorb excessive impact forces.

The trigger point system activates the medial, lateral and metatarsal arches in your feet. Every single foot must supinate, pronate and splay throughout each step cycle. Our insole technology will ensure you perform at your best functional potential.

The immediate sensations you will feel will initially be strange and different. STRYDA Soles immediately changes how you stand, walk, run and move. Your muscles will engage more actively, neural feedback and balance of your feet will be improved through the contoured fit and contact of the insoles. 

  • The Metatarsal Dome

    Reduces your forefoot pain and engages the muscles in your feet. They may feel weird at first, but you will quickly get used to them. You may even love the feeling straight away. You'll forget they are even there!

  • Lateral Arch Trigger Point

    Aids with shock absorption and timely pronation of your feet

  • Medial Arch

    Redistributes the pressure on your arch and aids with timely supination.

How long should my insoles last?

STRYDA Soles will naturally wear down as it is composed of an organic material. This is totally normal and even advantageous. They take the impact so that you don't have to. Namely, joints, soft tissue and bones! They will mould to you and may even chip - but they will continue to serve for a minimum of 6-12 months with many of our resident pairs at STRYDA pushing the 3 year mark.

Why do I need to wear insoles?

The modern world poses extremely problematic conditions for the organic tissues of your body. Most of the surfaces we move on are harsh, unnatural and continuously flat. This is unideal when we consider how long we need to to maintain our best health and active lifestyles as we get older.

Between your body weight and the force of impact through movement, going barefoot would mean your body's organic tissues must absorb the impact. Your joints need to last your entire lifetimes. Take care of them!

Let your body move unhindered

You deserve better than stiff orthotics or overly cushioned shoes.

The body is a perfectly designed machine. We need to let it do it's thing and only provide the ideal amount of support and guidance to cope with repetitive and unnatural stresses.

Too much cushioning for your feet has been shown to increase stress on your joints, while on the other hand orthotics that are too stiff and overpowering can restrict your natural movement and cause more harm than good long term. 

Who we are

Our proprietary design has been over a decade in the making and we have worked with feet as podiatrists since 1999. We are passionate about finding and developing new solutions for the impact of the world on your feet through STRYDA.