The STRYDA™ 3 Step Plan to Managing Your Plantar Fasciitis

Tired of not getting results from expensive treatments and invasive therapies? We are offering the most conclusive and effective treatment plan for your plantar fasciitis and heel pain!

  • 1. Find the Right Footwear

    Combining your STRYDA Soles with the correct footwear is the first step in getting on top of your pain. Avoid heels, pointed toe boxes and shoes that are too flimsy or completely flat.

  • 2. Exercises

    Find out where you are weak (are you lacking strength in your arches, your calves or your supinator muscles?) and find the right exercises to strengthen up your muscles. We have a range of exercises for you to follow. If you are having trouble with this step please contact your trusted health professional.

  • 3. Get Your Baseline Movement Pattern Right

    If you are walking incorrectly, this can lead to a lifetime of unnecessary wear and tear on your muscles, joints and bones. With the STRYDA™ Walking Guide you can learn to walk correctly and prevent pain before it begins.

1. Find the Right Footwear

We recommend New Balance, Lems Shoes and Altra Running shoes. Look for shoes with a wide toe box, zero drop (or minimal elevation at the heel) and a sole that isn't too thick or too thin.

2. Exercises

Check out our recommended exercises for heel pain and plantar fasciitis on our TikTok below ↓

3. Your Baseline Movement Pattern

Your walk! Get this right and you can save yourself a world of pain. Check out the STRYDA™ Walking Guide on our TikTok for tips and tricks on how to walk more efficiently.

Break in your STRYDA Soles

Make sure to start off slowly! STRYDA Soles are designed to realign your feet and strengthen your muscles. Just like going to the gym your muscles will need time to slowly adjust to the new routine. We recommend wearing your STRYDA Soles for 1 hour on the first day, 2 hours on the second day, 3 hours on the third and so on until you can comfortably wear them full time.

Some tenderness is normal when you first start wearing STRYDA Soles as muscles that have been dormant or underactive are now being used.

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